12 October 2022

Foodex at the 2022 Sake Fair “Salon du Saké” in France

From October 1st to October 3rd 2022, Foodex was once again present at the Salon du Saké in Paris.
During three days, our team presented our wide range of :
– Japanese sakes and spirits from Takara Shuzo, the parent company of the Foodex Group, as well as from microbreweries sourced from the North to the South of Japan.
– Sakes from our entity l’Atelier du Saké, a consulting and training service dedicated to Japanese sake for Foodex customers. 


A look back at this major sake event in Europe!

Historical meeting place around Japanese sake: 

This year again, the Foodex team welcomed professionals and individuals to present them the best of Japanese sakes during these three days of exhibition. A big thank you to all the visitors from different backgrounds and origins who came to meet us and discover a little more about this drink. 
We are proud to be a major player in sake and happy to see that it is becoming familiar to Europeans! 

salon du saké 2022 cérémonie d'ouverture

Images: The opening ceremony of the show (photo credit Salon du Saké) and the Foodex team on its booth at the Salon du Saké. 


A presentation of our key products and new products:


Ispahan Rose from L’Atelier du Saké x Wakaze: an innovative and local sake 

The collaboration of L’Atelier du Saké with Wakaze did not go unnoticed. Our first Daiginjo bottle is brewed in Japan, with a European design to democratize sake and make it accessible. For our second bottle, we wanted to offer a locally brewed sake, adapted to local needs. Thus, a sake with a rose color, flavored with Ispahan Rose and brewed by Wakaze, seemed to us to be the must-have. 


Mio and Mio Dry by Takara Shuzo: the ultimate sparkling sake 

We no longer present our Mio and Mio Dry which have become the must-have sparkling sakes. Festive and light, their bubbles continue to seduce both professionals and individuals. 


Takara Shuzo’s Japanese flavored alcohols: the allies for original cocktails  

With flavors directly inspired by the regions of Japan: Matcha and Yuzu from Kyoto, Strawberry from Fukuoka and White Peach from Yamanashi, these drinks can be enjoyed both straight and in cocktails 


Kaori by Takara Shuzo: a fruity sake that goes well with all types of dishes 

The public of the Salon du Saké was able to discover a premiere of our new sake Kaori, straight from Kobe. With its very fruity aromas, it exalts the pleasure of daily Japanese and Western meals 

saké wakaze atelier du sake mio et alcool aux saveurs du Japon takaa shuzo

Images: The new Wakaze range including the Ispahan Rose bottle in collaboration with L’Atelier du Saké, Daiginjo bottles from L’Atelier du Saké, Takara Shuzo sakes including the sparkling Mio and Mio Dry, the range of Japanese flavored alcohols from Takara Shuzo. 


Food and sake pairing suggestions: 

On the last day of the show, our sommelier Maryam Masure suggested pairings between macaroons, Japanese finger foods and L’Atelier du Saké x Wakaze’s Ispahan Rose to professional visitors. A convincing and fun way to serve sake, which met with great success. 

 Accords macarons, amuse-bouches japonais et nos sakés proposés durant le Salon du Saké.

Images: Pairing of macaroons, Japanese appetizers and our sake offered during the Sake Show. 


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