25 June 2021

All about Japanese sparkling sake

Alcohol-based bubbling drinks, sparkling cocktails and wines … Bubbles seem to conquer more and more the beverage sector, and sake is no exception! Its sparkling version even exists since 1998! Discover the history of the sparkling sake and the products we offer, in order to meet the demands of these new consumers looking for new trends and exoticism.

The origin of sparkling sake

In the 1990s, the sake consumption was affected by the economic crisis and competition from other alcohols such as wine and beer. The relaxation of the alcohol laws in 1994 allowed the creation of microbreweries of beers, a market previously dominated by large producers. Sake brewers are thus trying to revitalize consumption, targeting the younger generation and women. This is how sparkling sake was born!

Sparkling sake: when, how and for whom?

Since its creation, sparkling sake has been a great success in Japan, and is wonderfully exported around the world. Its low alcohol content makes it easier to drink and breaks the image of strong alcohol to be consumed as a digestive. Moreover, its fruity and sweet flavors blend perfectly with a cocktail, and suit as an aperitif or with a dessert. Finally, the design of the bottles has been studied to attract the young generation! Sparkling sake is the perfect product for introducing Japanese sake.

How is sparkling sake produced?

Brewers have had to face technical difficulties in creating sparkling sake, and in particular to stabilize the product. Today, there are two manufacturing methods. The first one consists of adding carbon dioxide to the bottles, sometimes with the addition of sugar in the vats. The second follows the same process as for champagne; the sake undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. At Foodex, we offer you both types of sparkling sake!

Which sparkling sakes to buy?

Mio, the reference for sparkling sake

mio sparkling sake

Created in 2011 by Takara Shuzo, Mio was one of the first sparkling sake on the market. Easy to drink, its low alcohol content and its apple and pear flavors were so appreciated that it became the emblematic sparkling sake.

As an exclusive distributor, we offer Mio sparkling sake in 150 mL and 300 mL, as well as the dry version in 300 mL.

To be appreciated straight or in cocktails, as an aperitif or dessert, this sake is our best-seller!

NB : Mio in 150 mL is available in France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands. Mio in 300 mL is available in France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italia, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Poland. Mio dry is available in France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Poland.

Gassan Cloud, the Japanese champagne

gassan sparkling sake

This sake from Yoshida Shuzo is our latest acquisition! Naturally sparkling, the Gassan Cloud sake’s bubbles come from a second fermentation in the bottle. With its cork stopper and elegant design, it reminds us Champagne.

We offer you a 360 mL or 720 mL format, to choose according to your needs!

To be appreciated chilled as an aperitif or with seafood.

NB : Gassan sake in 360 mL and 720 mL are for the moment available in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.


For more information on Japanese sake, visit the website of L’Atelier du Sake, the sake expert of the Foodex Group.
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