14 June 2024

The history of Sapporo Brewery 

The origins of Sapporo Brewery 


The history of Sapporo dates back to a time when Japan was seeking to modernise and develop its most remote regions. In July 1869, during the Meiji era, the Japanese government established a new administrative unit in Hokkaido with the aim of opening up and annexing this vast region. This ambitious project included the development of a number of industries, including beer brewing, which became a central pillar.   

The birth of Kaitakushi Brewery 


To turn this vision into reality, the administrative government called on Seibe Nakagawa, a talented Japanese beer brewer who had perfected his art in Germany. Construction of Kaitakushi Brewery began in June 1876 and was completed in September of the same year. Housed in a two-storey wooden building covering an area of 860 square metres, the brewery represented a significant advance in the Japanese brewing industry. 

The first beer from Sapporo 


In September 1877, Sapporo beer, cold-brewed using German low-temperature fermentation and ageing techniques, went on sale in Tokyo. The beer, which proudly bears the Kaitakushi logo with the North Star, quickly became a symbol of quality and tradition.     

Kuroda, the head of the new administrative government of Hokkaido, ordered the use of locally-grown barley and hops, thus anchoring Sapporo beer in its regional soil and initiating collaborations with farms that continue to this day. 


The meeting of two techniques 


Under the name Sapporo Premium Beer, the legacy of this history continues to inspire. This beer represents the perfect fusion of traditional German brewing techniques and Japanese art, creating a perfectly balanced taste and smooth finish. Sapporo Premium Beer is a lager that surprises with its liveliness and freshness. Its distinct malt flavour unfolds from the first sip, offering a refined bitterness and a smooth finish that delights the taste buds. 

It’s not just a drink; it’s a remarkable experience where worlds meet. This beer embodies Japan’s passion for brewing and promises a unique taste adventure. Let yourself be seduced by its balanced taste and discover a new dimension of pleasure with every sip. 

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