17 March 2023

Recipe: Harumaki, the Japanese spring roll

4 square rice paper sheet
100g of chicken breast
1 avocado
Some cheese

For 4 harumaki:

Step 1:
Boil the chicken breast in advance and let it cool.

Step 2:
Wrap each rice paper sheet with avocado and cheese, chicken and cheese, or chicken and avocado.

Step 3:
Heat the frying oil in a pot over medium heat.

Step 4:
Fry until golden brown.

Step 5:
Remove the rolls and place on paper towels to remove excess oil.

Step 6:  
Serve with vinegar and soy sauce.


Photo and recipe by: Saji Miho


About Harumaki

“Haru” means spring and “Maki” roll in Japanese. Harumaki is indeed the ideal dish for spring!
Traditional dish in Asian cuisine, it can be fried or steamed.
Filled with vegetables, meat, seafood etc, it is often served with a sweet and sour sauce.