09 February 2024

Impact of the Lunar New Year on the Asian Food Market

The Lunar New Year, an iconic celebration observed in many Asian countries, will take place this year on February 10, 2024. We found traditions such as ancestral rituals, dragon and lion dances, gift exchanges, and, of course, the preparation of delicious dishes shared among loved ones. 


A Growing Market for Asian Products 


Nouvel An Lunaire
Picture: Growth of Asian food products 

In 2023, the Lunar New Year showcased its significant economic impact, recording a notable 16.7% increase in the revenue of Asian products, or over 90 Million euros compared to the previous year (Source: NielsenQ). This double-digit growth reflects the increasing appeal of Asian cuisines, both among the Asian population and the Western population. 


The Iconic Lunar New Year Dishes

To illustrate this enthusiasm, let’s explore some emblematic dishes found during these festivities: 


Picture: Bao

Bao: These delicacies come in both sweet variations, generously filled with fruits and creams, and savory versions, stuffed with meat and vegetables. Varieties like gua bao, banh bao, baozi provide an exceptional culinary experience for your customers. 


Picture: Ravioli 

Raviolis: A well-established tradition involves enjoying ravioli at midnight, symbolizing prosperity and wealth throughout the new year. Our extensive selection of gyoza, featuring various meats and vegetables, allows you to cater to diverse dietary preferences while adhering to New Year traditions. Steam or pan-fry them for a crispy texture!


Picture: Zongzi

Zongzi: These packets of sticky rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed or boiled, contain an exquisite combination of meat, eggs, nuts or vegetables, and seasonings. To go with the zongzi, our various seasonings such as soy sauce and sesame oil are at your disposal.


Picture: Spring Roll

Spring Rolls (Nems) : Undoubtedly one of the most popular Asian dishes in the West, spring rolls are thin, crispy rolls filled with vegetables, meat, and sometimes rice vermicelli. Our extensive selection of spring rolls is designed to delight your customers and add an exquisite touch to the festivities.

These diverse dishes offer an authentic culinary experience and are ready to satisfy the taste buds of everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year. 

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