11 October 2023

Foodex at the Salon du Saké 2023 

During the Salon du Saké held from September 30to October 2, Foodex showcased a wide range of sake. This large selection allowed visitors to explore a variety of flavors, aromatic profiles, and brewing styles, providing a complete experience of the world of sake. 


A meeting place for enthusiasts and novices 

Salon du Sake 2023 Foodex L'Atelier du Sake Takara Shuzo

Picture: Our team at Salon du Saké 

Foodex met with professionals as well as individuals eager to learn more about sake. These encounters were marked by the diversity of visitors, ranging from passionate individuals looking to share their love for sake with others to novices seeking an introduction to this iconic beverage. Foodex successfully led, inspired, and facilitated these interactions, thus creating a connection with the visitors.  


This year’s favorites!

Nabeshima sake: A rare gem from Saga, Kyushu, Japan 

Saké Nabeshima de la maison Fukuchiyo Shuzo

Picture: Nabeshima Sake

This prestigious sake brewery offers an exceptional taste experience with perfectly balanced fruity aromas. Winner of the prestigious Champion Sake award at the International Wine Challenge (IWC), Nabeshima captivated numerous enthusiasts. 


Ryoma rum: 7 years of maturation and enchanting aromas 

Rhum Ryoma au sucre de canne du Japon

Picture: Rhum Ryoma

Aged for 7 years in oak barrels, it offers an exceptional flavor. Its rich and creamy texture harmoniously blends with vanilla and caramel aromas. With an alcohol content of 40% and crafted from Shikoku sugarcane, this rum was a true gem during these 3 days. 


Mio Clear: Brilliance and freshness in a bottle 

Sake petillant mio clear

Picture: Sparkling Sake Mio Clear

Mio Clear Sparkling Sake, a 2023 newcomer, now shines in the homes of Takara. It surprised many sake enthusiasts. June 21, the anniversary date of the Mio brand’s sake, also marks Japan’s Sparkling Sake Day, testifying to its popularity in the country. It boasts a semi-dry profile with subtle effervescence, revealing fruity apple notes. 


Imada Shuzo Honten’s Seafood: A lemon-laden delight by the sea 

Saké Imada Shuzo Seafood

Picture: Seafood Sake

This Seafood Sake from Imada Shuzo Honten is a delight to discover. Brewed by a toji woman, it hails from Hiroshima Prefecture, where fresh water and white koji impart lemony notes. This award-winning sake, with 13% alcohol, is the perfect companion for seafood, creamy cheeses, or fruity desserts, offering freshness and character at every tasting. It also garnered admiration from visitors during the show. 


Sake Spritz: The delicate fusion of Tochigi. 

Cocktail pétillant au saké yuzu ume momo

Picture: Cocktail Sake Spritz

The sake hails from Tochigi, Japan. This Sake Spritz Cocktail is a delightful fusion of fresh water from the melting snow in the region’s three main rivers. With an alcohol content of 3.5% and the addition of yuzu juice, it comes in three captivating flavors: Momo (Japanese peach) and yuzu, Ume (Japanese apricot) and yuzu, and yuzu . A unique experience that transported visitors to Japan with every sip. 


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