03 January 2024

Vegan options: the new culinary challenge for restaurants

Far from being a temporary trend, veganism is gradually being integrated into various gastronomic cultures around the world. Japanese cuisine is no exception to this trend. And yet, rooted for a long time in the practice of Shojin Ryori or devotional cooking, it embodies an authentic form of veganism.    

Shojin Ryori, which originated in Buddhist temples, advocates a vegetarian diet that excludes meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, favoring a pure, balanced approach based on natural, fresh ingredients. This cuisine aims to nourish the body and mind, with dishes such as sesame tofu, spinach, root vegetable soups, and many other tasty and nourishing foods.    

Nowadays, the inclusion of vegan dishes on Japanese restaurant menus testifies to a growing awareness. These additions are more than just alternatives; they show a willingness to adapt, an attentiveness to a varied clientele, and an awareness of environmental protection and animal welfare.    

Creating a vegan restaurant menu requires a variety of delicious and innovative dishes. Here are three alternatives we offer in our catalog


The ultimate vegan ramen  

Ramen et gyoza vegan
Picture: Vegan Ramen and Gyoza 

Opt for our selection of vegan ramen bases to prepare a delicious broth. Serve with tasty egg-free noodles and add tofu, sliced shiitake mushrooms and a variety of vegetables such as leeks, spinach or even cabbage. You can even add vegan gyozas on the side, such as Ajinomoto’s  

The delicious vegan sushi with orange tosago

Les délicieux sushi végans aux tosago orange

Picture: Vegan Sushi

Our vegan orange tosago adds a unique touch to your sushi. Use seaweed leaves and garnish them with carrot, cucumber, avocado or other vegetable ingredients of your choice, then dip them in our delicious soy sauce.   

The tasty vegetable bun bao

Les savoureux bun bao aux légumes

Picture: Vegan Bun Bao

With its rich, flavorful filling wrapped in soft steamed bread, vegetable bun bao is a delicious vegan option. Its versatility makes it a perfect match for other dishes, facilitating the creation of a varied menu. Bun bao is the ideal accompaniment to a convivial meal shared around the table. 

Vegan Japanese food offers a multitude of creative possibilities. Incorporating these dishes into your menu will enable you to meet the varied expectations of your customers, and actively participate in an eco-responsible approach while delighting everyone’s taste buds. 


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