11 May 2021

Takeaway, 5 reasons to be inspired by Japan

Takeaway, 5 reasons to be inspired by Japan

1 / They’ve been delivering sushi and ramen for over a century.

The very first meal delivery services can be traced back to the end of the 19th century: Noodle and sushi restaurants have their dishes delivered by young employees on bicycles (Ancestor of Deliveroo and this without internet!).

2 / The recipes are adapted according to the delivery time.

To ensure that the dishes arrive at the customer’s door with the same quality as in restaurants, chefs adapt their cooking time and ingredients.

3 / They deliver ramen without spilling a drop of it.

To be able to deliver a bowl of ramen without spilling half the broth, bikes (and today’s motorcycles) are equipped with a suspension system to absorb shocks.

4 / They have a deposit system.

In a time without plastic, we were necessarily more ecological: Once the dish is finished, the customers clean the bowls of ramen or sushi trays and leave them in front of the house while waiting for the delivery man to come and pick them up later in the day. This deposit system is still widespread today.

5 / Japanese cuisine offers many dishes that are difficult to make at home.

Sushi, ramen, grilled eel are dishes that require the know-how of a cook. Delivery is therefore very much appreciated.