19 January 2024

Japanese curry trend: discover our turnkey solutions 

January 22 marks Curry Day! This emblematic dish of Japanese soul food has been gaining popularity across borders in recent years, for its mild, sweet and slightly spicy flavor.  
A staple of Japanese cuisine, this trendy dish is easy to add to your establishment. 


What is Japanese Curry?   

 Curry Japonais - Katsu Curry - Curry Udon - Curry Pan

Picture: Japanese curry in all its forms

Japanese curry, known as ‘karé’ in Japan, is prepared with a creamy sauce made from meat or vegetable stock and Japanese curry powder. It is garnished with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and onions, and often with meat, such as beef, pork or chicken.

There are several versions of Japanese curry:

  • karé raisu, with rice
  • katsu karé, with pork cutlet  
  • karé udon, with udon noodles, which can also be replaced with ramen  
  • karé pan, fried bread with curry filling  

The curry can thus be easily customized, and is also suitable for vegetarians.  


The history of curry in Japan

Histoire du curry au Japon

Picture: Curry in Japon 

The history of curry in Japan goes back to the late 19th century. It was introduced by the British Imperial Navy. During the Meiji Restoration (1868-1912), the Japanese discovered curry, but its initial over-spicy version required adjustments with a reduction in spices and the addition of local ingredients. Curry then became a popular dish in Japan, finding its way into homes and restaurants, occupying an essential place in everyday cooking. Today, Japanese curry is regarded as a comforting family dish, prepared with regional variations, and remains an essential element of contemporary Japanese cuisine.


The curry trend in Europe  



Picture: Curry trend in Europe 

The curry trend in Europe is enjoying a remarkable boom, and Japanese curry occupies a prominent place in this wave of popularity. On TasteAtlas, the guide to the world’s national dishes, Japanese curry has been crowned “world’s favorite dish”, underlining its universal appeal, particularly in France, where a considerable number of curry restaurants have opened in Paris.  

Adding Japanese curry to your restaurant menu is becoming an imperative, not only because of its worldwide recognition, but also to meet the growing demand from flavor lovers. By offering this popular dish, you seize the opportunity to attract a diverse customer interested in new taste experiences.  


Why you should add a Japanese curry to your menu? 

Japanese curry is an easy dish to add to your menu:   

  •  Ideal for take-out.  
  •  Possibility of offering vegetarian or vegan options.  
  •  Increase average bill with additional topping options (fried chicken, gyoza, soft-boiled egg, vegetable tempura, etc.).   
  •  And above all, easy to implement thanks to our various solutions.


Our curry range 

At Foodex, we make it easy to add Japanese curry to your menu with a diverse selection to suit all your culinary tastes. 

Japonais curry in block 


Curry en bloc Hanabi et Curry en bloc House
Picture: Hanabi and House curry blocks

This product is ideal for chefs looking for an easy-to-prepare curry base in large quantities
This block format is the most common for preparing Japanese curry. Made from curry powder solidified with wheat flour and oils, it has simplified curry preparation! Simply melt it in boiling water with the rest of the ingredients to create a fragrant, creamy curry. 
The advantage is that it’s easy to measure out the number of portions, and easy to personalize. As our block curries are suitable for vegetarians, you can offer both a vegetarian Japanese curry or a Japanese curry with chicken, breaded pork, etc., depending on the ingredients you wish to add.   

Code : 204273
Brand: Hanabi
Packaging: 1 kg

Code: 145030
Brand: House
Packaging: 1kg


Japanese curry flakes for sauce


Flocons de curry japonais pour sauce
Picture: Hachi brand Japanese curry flakes

This product is ideal for restaurateurs looking for quick curries in large quantities. 
The flake format melts more quickly, making it easier to measure out quantities. It is ideal for use in sauces and broths for ramen, udon or soba.  Vegetarian, it is suitable for all diets. You can add meat and vegetables as required. 
Produced by Hachi, producer of Japanese curry, this product brings you a cuisine full of character with its 31 spices.

Code: 200941
Brand: Hachi
Packaging: 1kg 

Japanese curry sauce


Sauce au curry japonais G de la marque Somi
Picture: Somi Japanese curry sauce

With its slightly spicy taste, our reheatable Japanese curry sauce is the perfect base for enhancing the flavour of a variety of dishes! 
Our curry sauce is long-simmered, uniform and creamy, with no chunks of vegetables. You can add honey to sweeten the taste! 
Already cooked, simply reheat this sauce to accompany your katsu curry, curry rice, curry omurice etc.   
This pack makes about 5 generous portions of curry rice! Produced by Japanese manufacturer SOMI, specialists in sauces and broths since 1950, you can enjoy the great taste of Japanese curry.   

A quick and tasty solution for cooking with tastes. 

Code : 203188
Brand: Somi
Packaging: 1kg


Ready-to-use Japanese curry


Curry japonais prêt à l’emploi
Picture: Hachi ready-to-use Japanese curry 

Reduce preparation time to a minimum with our ready-to-use Japanese curry.   
Ideal for on-demand service, this curry already contains vegetables. You can reheat it in a bain-marie or in the microwave and serve it directly on your dish. Vegetarian, it is suitable for all diets. 
It’s an ideal solution for restaurateurs who want to offer a curry on their menu without preparing large quantities! Manufactured by Hachi, one of Japan’s oldest curry producers, this product guarantees authentic, deliciously flavored dishes. 


Code: 203269
Brand: Hachi
Packaging: 1kg


Delicious Japanese curry recipes 

-Chicken curry: A timeless classic, chicken curry combines tender pieces of poultry with a creamy sauce of Japanese spices. Usually served with rice, it offers a balanced explosion of flavors.  

Breaded pork curry – katsu karé: A delicious variation in which the pork is breaded and fried to a crispy texture. Combined with Japanese curry sauce, Katsu Karé is a popular treat, combining crunchiness and mellowness in every bite.  

Vegetarian curry: Perfect for lovers of vegetarian flavors, vegetarian curry offers an abundance of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and onions in a rich, fragrant sauce. It offers a delicious and balanced meat-free option. 



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