15 June 2023

The Cold Ramen: 3 ways to enjoy it in summer!

With an increasing popularity outside of Japan for over 5 years, ramen is known in Europe as a comfort food that warms you up in cold weather.
Ramen is less popular in summer, where consumers are looking for cooler and lighter dishes.
Less known in Europe, ramen has however many variations adapted to the summertime!

3 ways to enjoy ramen in summer


tsukemen ramen japanese cuisine summer

The noodles and toppings are served cold and must be dipped in a small bowl of hot broth (richer than a traditional ramen broth) served separately.
A great way to enjoy ramen without having your face over the super hot bowl!


mazesoba ramen

Mazesoba consists of a dish of ramen without broth. The noodles and toppings of a classic ramen are served with a sauce obtained from concentrated broth, in which a little dash of vinegar or citrus can be added for an even fresher finish.


hiyashi chuka ramen

The noodles are served cold, with fresh and healthy toppings (raw vegetables, eggs, etc.) and a tangy sauce.
It is an ideal dish to cool off in summer.

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