04 April 2024

5 Japanese dishes to celebrate spring 

Japanese culture gives special importance to the celebration of the different seasons. 

As good weather is coming, here are our top 5 typical Japanese springtime dishes: 


Temari zushi

Temari zushi

Originally, temari refers to small traditional Japanese balls made of silk. Temari zushi are sushi inspired by the shape of these balls: round and nicely decorated with different fish, shellfish, vegetables, or eggs. They are often eaten in families on March 3rd (the girls’ day – Hinamatsuri), which makes it a colorful and festive dish announcing the arrival of spring. 


Sakura mochi

These Japanese desserts are made from red bean paste coated with a cherry blossom (sakura) flavoured sticky rice paste and surrounded by a cherry leaf. 


Chirashi zushi

Chirashi zushi is a dish that literally means “scattered sushi”. It is composed of vinegared rice covered with different ingredients: raw fish, shrimps, fish eggs, omelet, vegetables… for a result that evokes the rich colors of spring. 


Strawberry-based desserts

Daifuku, cake such as shortcake, sandwich, ice cream sundae in parfait, cookie… strawberries come in all shapes and forms in spring!  


Cocktails, beers, sakes and other drinks 

In spring, Japanese people celebrate hanami, a custom to picnic and toast with friends and family under the cherry blossoms. 


And you, how will you give a taste of spring to your menu? 

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