29 April 2024

Recipe: Gua Bao chicken and tofu

100g chicken thigh
1 tofu steak
A few salad leaves
Slices of white leek

Step 1:
Sear the chicken over high heat, starting with the skin side down. Once cooked on both sides, remove it.

Step 2:
Cook the tofu steak in the pan and remove it.

Step 3:
Slightly reduce 50 ml of soy sauce and 25 ml of Mirin in a pan. Add the tofu steak and chicken to the pan.

Step 4:
Steam the Gua Bao buns and assemble the tofu steak and chicken in the sandwich bun with lettuce leaves.

Step 5:
Add mayonnaise and sliced white leeks to taste.

About Gua Bao:
Gua bao is a popular Taiwanese dish consisting of steamed buns filled with meat, vegetables, and condiments.
These buns have become widely popular in Asian restaurants.
At Foodex, we offer buns in sizes of 30g or 60g.

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