10 July 2023

Sun Valley Rice’s Calrose rice: The Choice of Authenticity

As a restaurant professional and food lovers, you know that good rice is key to creating authentic Asian dishes. And if you’re looking for a versatile rice suitable for both sushi and other Asian dishes, Calrose rice is the best option! Slightly sticky and with a sweet flavor typical of Japanese rice, this variety is the best ally for Japanese cooking!

Foodex has selected the best Calrose rice from Sun Valley Rice, a rice manufacturer and specialist with over 100 years of experience.


Our Trusted Partner: Sun Valley Rice, the Rice Expert for Over 100 Years

famille lagrande

Picture: LaGrande Family 

Sun Valley Rice is a family-owned business based in California, founded by the LaGrande family. They have been cultivating rice for generations since 1920. In response to the growing market demand for high-quality sushi rice, they founded Sun Valley Rice in 2000. Located in California, which shares a similar latitude with Korea and Japan, it was an ideal location for producing rice of similar quality.


sun valley rice farmer

Picture: Rice Cultivation in California

Sun Valley Rice collaborates with farmers who grow non-GMO rice. These farms, located within 160 km of the mill, practice responsible and sustainable agriculture to provide environmentally friendly rice grains.

Sun Valley Rice adheres to rigorous standards that exceed both US No 1 rice and international requirements, including domestic Japanese standards. Their rice is preferred by Japanese sushi restaurateurs and retail consumers.


partnership foodex x sun valley rice

Picture: Sun Valley Rice x Foodex Partnership

With over 100 years of experience, sustainable practices, and high-quality standards, Sun Valley Rice is a trusted partner that Foodex is proud to collaborate with.


Calrose Rice: The Ideal Ingredient for Chefs Seeking Quality and Convenience

japonica indica rice

Picture: Japonica Rice vs. Indica Rice

Two species of rice are predominantly produced and consumed worldwide: Indica rice and Japonica rice. While Indica rice refers to long-grain aromatic varieties like Basmati or Thai rice, Japonica rice is short or medium-grain rice often used for risottos or sushi. Japonica rice absorbs more water during cooking, resulting in a stickier texture.


calrose rice

Picture: Calrose rice

Calrose rice is a medium-grain variety of Japonica rice that has been cultivated in California for over 85 years.

Its characteristics include:

  • sticky and tender texture  highly appreciated in Japanese cuisine.
  • rich, sweet, and flavorful taste, making it delicious even without other ingredients.
  • The  ability to absorb the aromas and flavors  of the ingredients it’s paired with.
  • Versatility, suitable for both sushi and various Asian dishes.
  • Quick preparation, requiring less washing and soaking than Japanese rice.

Sun Valley Rice’s Calrose rice maintains consistent quality throughout the year, making it easy to cook. It is valued for its fluffy, slightly sticky texture and delicate flavor. This product can be used in a multitude of Asian dishes. 


What type of dishes can we prepare with Sun Valley Rice’s Calrose Rice?


Picture: Sushi

Sushi, of course! The slightly sticky texture allows the rice grains to hold together well, making easier the preparation of sushi and ensuring a pleasant taste experience.


onigiri rice ball

Picture: Onigiri Rice Balls

Calrose rice, with its sticky and tender texture, is ideal for making the famous Japanese rice balls called onigiri.


donburi et poke

Picture: Donburi and poke

Whether it is a bowl of chicken or beef teriyaki or a poke bowl, Calrose rice provides a delicious and nourishing base for these popular dishes.


curry japonais

Picture: Japanese curry 

Calrose rice pairs well with saucy dishes like Japanese curry, as it absorbs the aroma and flavor of the dish.


riz frit

Picture: Fried Rice

Calrose rice is perfect for preparing fried rice. Its sticky texture allows the grains to blend well with vegetables, meats and seasonings, creating a tasty and satisfying dish..


Sun Valley Rice’s Red Shinjumai Calrose Rice


Product code: 203027
Packaging: 20kg
Origin: California, USA
Shelf Life: 12 months, preferably stored in a clean, dry space at room temperature
Available in France, Italy



Product code: 130010
Packaging: 22,6kg
Origin: California, USA
Shelf life: 12 months, preferably stored in a clean, dry space at room temperature
Available in Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland


In conclusion, Sun Valley Rice’s Calrose rice is an essential choice for restaurant professionals seeking to offer authentic and delicious Asian dishes. Its tender texture, flavor absorption capability, and versatility make it a top-notch ingredient for a wide variety of dishes. With Sun Valley Rice, you can be assured of their superior quality rice, cultivated with passion and respect for the environment.


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