24 July 2023

Mizkan Vinegar Seasonings: How to Choose the Right One for Your Recipes?

Vinegar was introduced to Japan around the 4th & 5thcentury, but it became popular during the Edo period (1603-1868). It was thanks to the popularity of sushi as well as the Mizkan’s founder, who made vinegar accessible to all in Japan. Today, vinegar is used  to make sushi rice, but it has also become a staple in Japanese cuisine alongside soy sauce, cooking sake, and mirin.

With its long history and expertise, Mizkan has become the number 1 vinegar brand in Japan. The company produces different types of seasonings with unique flavours to suit all types of Japanese cuisine. With all the various existing vinegars, it is important to choose the best one based on your specific needs.


Mizkan, the number 1 Japanese vinegar brand

Histoire Mizkan

Picture : Mizkan

Mizkan’s story begins in 1804 with Matazaemon I of Handa. As a sake brewer, he was concerned with the use of sake lees, a residue that forms after sake brewing. To brew sake, a fermented rice mixture needs to be filtered to obtain clear liquid.

During that time, haya-sushi (the origin of sushi) was popular, but the rice vinegar used was expensive. That’s why Matazaemon decided to produce a more affordable vinegar using sake lees to avoid wasting this residue.

This sake lees-based vinegar became so popular that he opened a specialised factory in Handa. Thus, the number one vinegar brand in Japan was born: Mizkan.


Different types of vinegars

Vinaigre japonais

Picture: Vinegar

There is a wide variety of vinegars in Japan, which can be brewed from::
Cereals such as rice, brown rice, sake lees, wheat, barley, malt, corn, etc..
Fruits such as grape, apple, peach, pear, raspberry, pineapple, banana, etc.
– Others like sugarcane, honey, etc

Cereal-based vinegars tend to be lighter in acidity and are ideal for simmered meat dishes or fried foods. Rice-based vinegar has a richer flavor and is lighter in acidity, making it perfect for sushi or dishes that do not require cooking. Brown rice vinegar has more umami and is ideal for Asian dishes. Fruit-based vinegar is fruity and suitable for marinades, drinking vinegar, desserts, etc..


Which Mizkan should I choose ?

At Foodex, we offer 5 Mizkan vinegar seasonings, which can be divided into two categories: a multi-purpose vinegar seasoning and a ready-to-use seasoning for sushi rice.


Multi-purpose vinegar seasoning

Shiragiku: For authentic sushi like in Japan


Picture: Shiragiku

Are you looking for an authentic vinegar seasoning to cook like the best sushi masters? This is the product for you! This seasoning was developed in collaboration with sushi masters in 1951. The mellow acidity of the rice and the richness of sake cake blend perfectly with sushi rice. It is the most popular product in high-end sushi restaurants in Japan! It can also be used in marinades, salads, or for pickled vegetable.

Code: 135000
Usage: sushi, marinade, salad, pickles
Available in: France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italia


Suehiro: The mildest and lightest one for multiple use


Picture: Suehiro

Suehiro is made from cereals and sake cake. It is milder and lighter than other Japanese vinegars, making it suitable for all kinds of dishes, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisines.

Code : 135010
Usage: sushi, marinade, salade, cuisine japonaise, occidentale et chinoise
Available in: France, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italia, Germany


Yumai: Mellow yet full-bodied, made exclusively from rice


Picture: Yumai

Yumai is made only from rice. It has a richer flavor and mellow acidity. It is ideal for sushi and dishes that do not require cooking, such as dressings and sunomono (pickled vegetables).

Code : 135060
Usage: sushi, marinade, salade
Available in: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italia


All-in-one seasoning for quick and easy sushi rice

To prepare the vinegar mixture for sushi rice, you need vinegar, sugar and salt.
However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one mixture to make vinegared rice quickly and easily, these are the products you need!


JS-47: The all-in-one seasoning for sushi rice


Picture: JS-47

Simply mix this seasoning with your freshly steamed rice to achieve perfect sushi rice. JS-47 is the most popular sushi rice seasoning in Japan, specially created for sushi. It has a perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, and umami flavor.

Code : 135091
Usage: sushi
Available in: France, Belgique, Suisse, Pays-Bas, Italie, Allemagne


JS-Alpha: The all-in-one seasoning for chilled sushi rice

JS Alpha

Picture: JS Alpha

This seasoning is ideal if you want to sell sushi in the fresh food section. It prevents the rice from drying out quickly, helping to maintain a moist texture.

JS Alpha is recommended for sushi only.

Code : 135081
Usage: sushi
Available in : France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italia


You are now an expert of Mizkan products, and you know which one to choose for your dishes! 
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