22 April 2024

Savoring Spring with Our Hanami Selection 

Hanami is a tradition that celebrates the beauty of cherry blossoms. In Japan, it is customary to gather and picnic while admiring these flowers during their blooming season from late March to mid-April. 


The origin of Hanami  


The history of hanami dates back to 2000 years. Japanese farmers believed in a rice god who retreated to the mountains during winter and returned to the villages in spring. When cherry trees bloomed, farmers, convinced of the rice god’s return, would gather around these trees to offer hospitality and prayers for a bountiful harvest. 

This tradition evolved over centuries. During the Heian period, approximately 1200 years ago, nobles composed poems while contemplating the cherry trees. Then, during the Edo period, this custom began to democratize, becoming a popular gathering where people from all social classes would gather under the flowering trees to celebrate the arrival of spring. 


Our Hanami Suggestions 

Here are some ideas to celebrate spring. 


Kimino, Japanese Sparkling Drinks


Kimino Japanese sparkling drinks are produced in Japan with hand-picked fruits directly from the Shikoku region. Refreshing and natural, they come in two flavors: yuzu and ume. 



Bun Bao Veggie 

Bun Bao are fluffy, airy buns complemented by the crunch of edamame, the softness of mushrooms, or the tenderness of vegetables. The vegetarian fillings are flavorful and free from glutamate. Their 32g size is perfect for taking on a picnic!  


Gua Bao

Add some originality with Gua Bao! Gua Bao is a snack made with a soft and airy semicircular bread that can be filled with meat, vegetables, or even sweet red bean paste



MangaJo, Infused Green Tea and Fruits Drinks 


For a refreshing break, MangaJo drinks are a must! Inspired by recipes from around the world, these multi-faceted green tea infusions subtly combine lemon, pomegranate, grape juice, or other surprising flavors. 100% natural, with no added sugar, lactose-free, and gluten-free, these drinks are perfect for picnics. 



Sakura mochi

sakura mochi

These delicious pastries are mochi carefully wrapped in a sakura leaf, infused with the delicate aroma of cherry blossoms. A must-have treat to accompany your hanami! 



Umeshu, Japanese Apricot Alcohol  

Umeshu, a Japanese alcohol made fromumeapricots, is the perfect aperitif for any occasion. Its sweet and fruity taste makes it a drink to enjoy on its own or mixed with sparkling water, ideal for good times.

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