28 February 2024

L’Atelier du Saké at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024

From February 12 to 14, we had the pleasure of seeing many of you at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, a show that stood out for the creation of new relationships and the unexpected excitement surrounding sake. The event attracted a diverse range of participants, including many wine merchants, distributors and traders, who enjoyed tasting our different sakes, each competing in delicacy.  

Maryam Masure Vinexpo
Picture: Maryam Masure at Vinexpo Exhibit


This year’s favourites 

Among our sakes, the jisake were particularly popular, and also the sparkling MIO sake, appreciated for its festive, refreshing character.   


Picture: Sparkling sake Mio


Ryujin Junmai Daiginjo sake also made a big impression in the jisake category. Unpasteurized, it features subtle notes of fennel and fresh almonds. Its elegance and finesse make it an ideal companion, whether enjoyed chilled as an aperitif, with fish, white meats or even dessert. 

200755_1 Ryujin Junmai Daiginjo

Picture: Ryujin Junmai Daiginjo Sake


Rihaku Dreamy Clouds sake also caught the eye. Unfiltered, it boasts a natural deposit, the sake lees, granting a soft, silky, creamy texture on the palate, followed by a powerful finish. 

161010_Rihaku Dreamy Clouds

Picture: Rihaku Dreamy Clouds Sake


Finally, we proudly presented L’ATELIER DU SAKÉ, a daiginjo sake with racy, floral notes made in Japan. Generous and fragrant, it embodies the harmonious fusion of two cultures. Enjoy it with exquisite dishes or in delicious cocktails. 

202722_1 Atelier du Saké



In addition to the quality of our sake, the event was marked by the presence of visitors from all over the world. It was a great pleasure to share our experiences with you and to introduce you to our sake. The event was an opportunity to forge precious links and celebrate cultural diversity around our shared passion for the art of sake. 



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