26 April 2022
Corporate life

The Foodex Group is mobilizing to help Ukrainians in need

Particularly shocked by the massive arrival of Ukrainian refugees, our subsidiary Cominport in Poland has launched the idea of a fundraising campaign to help welcome these people in the suburbs of Warsaw.


Supported by all the countries of the Foodex Group, this fundraising campaign will be used to finance everything that can be useful to these 1276 people who have arrived in Nowa Iwiczna, a town located in the immediate vicinity of our premises in Poland: creation of shelters, donations of basic necessities and meals…

For more information and if you wish to support us, the fund is available here.

Some colleagues from our Portuguese subsidiary, Keta Foods will be going to Poland next month to hand over the donation and can tell us more.

In addition, along with our rice supplier Sun Valley Rice, we have participated in the donation of rice (equivalent to a full truckload) as part of a food aid package to support the people of Ukraine.


We are delighted to be able to help in our areas of expertise.