10 July 2023
Corporate life

Foodex takes action for CSR

As part of our CSR* strategy, we are pleased to announce our Carbon Footprint 2022 initiative!


What is a Carbon Footprint?

It’s a method of accounting for greenhouse gas emissions generated by all types of activity: industry, services, administration, local authorities, events, etc.


Carbon Footprint objectives

The Carbon Footprint is a first step towards :

– measure all GHG emissions based on various activity data (tons of paper, kilowatt-hours of electricity, tons of products purchased, tons of waste, etc.),

– prioritize sources of GHG emissions,

– draw up a transition plan to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

To this end, a project group has been set up to raise employee awareness, measure our impact and draw up action plans to reduce our impact on the climate.*CSR is the contribution made by companies to the challenges of sustainable development. The European Commission defines it as “the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their commercial activities and their relations with stakeholders”.