29 May 2023

Why you should choose Kirin Free, the non-alcoholic beer?

The non-alcoholic beer market

The non-alcoholic beer market has been booming in recent years. This is due to changes in lifestyles and awareness among consumers about the importance of health.

The pleasure of beer without the effects of alcohol and less calories (-50% compared to normal beer) and keep 100% of energy for the day: The famous Japanese beer brand Kirin has understood this well and has launched its non-alcoholic version, Kirin Free, which benefits from the brand’s unique expertise.


Kirin and its “first press” brewing method

Founded over 100 years ago, Kirin Brewery is a historical player in the beer world in Japan. The brand is best known for its Kirin Ichiban beer, which uses an unique brewing technique: Ichiban Shibori or the method of first press of the wort.

After brewing the malt and hop, the brewer filters the mixture of cereals and juice, the wort. While most brewers use wort from the first and second filtration, Kirin Ichiban only uses wort from the first filtration to keep the best part of ingredients taste (Umami).

This method allows to bring out the best of each ingredient and to produce a delicate, well balanced and smooth beer.

kirin ichiban beer first press process

Picture: First press brewing process explanation.

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Kirin Free, the quality non-alcoholic beer with Ichiban expertise

Kirin Free is the non-alcoholic beer produced from the beer Kirin Ichiban with subtraction of alcohol. The taste of the beer is preserved.

Smooth and balanced, it pairs perfectly with Japanese cuisine, which is subtle and delicate.

Kirin Free is therefore a must for people who love the real taste of beer while being mindful of their health and lifestyle.


Kirin Free information 

Bière Kirin Free sans alcool

Product code: 204262
Packaging: 330mL
Alcohol content: 0.0%
Origin: Germany
Shelf life: 12 months, preferably stored in a clean and dry space, between 5 and 10°C.
Available in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy

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More information about the beers Kirin Ichiban and Kirin Free on www.kirineurope.com.

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Bière Kirin Free sans alcool