18 August 2023

MangaJo drinks: An Invitation to Travel

A juicy story

Thé vert

Picture: Green Tea 

The perfect balance between health and happiness can be found in this world. Driven by this conviction, the MangaJo team embarked on a remarkable journey. This quest led them to Japan, where they discovered the benefits of green tea for well-being.  Inspired by this discovery, they conceived a range of delicious antioxidant beverages, infused with this worldly wisdom. Drawing inspiration from recipes across the globe, MangaJo came to life, inviting consumers to “eat well” (Mangajo meaning “eat healthy” in the international language Esperanto)..


The MangaJo Story

Mangajo Japon

Picture: The founder’s visit to Japan

Here are some key events that contributed to the development of MangaJo.

1991: Alex lived in Japan to study at the university and learn about the benefits of green tea.
2002: MangaJo was created, launching the first flavors Lemon & Green Tea and Grape Juice & Rooibos.
2005: Waitrose began stocking MangaJo.
2006: MangaJo Pomegranate & Green Tea was launched.
2007: 2 new refreshing flavors joined the range, Acai Berry & Green Tea, and Goji Berry & Green Tea.
2008: MangaJo was launched in France.
2011: Acknowledged with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.
2014: First subway campaign in London.
2017: MangaJo became available in over 20 countries.
2018: The 6th flavor, Yuzu & Lemon, was added to the range.
2020: Launch of the 1-liter range.
2021: Awarded the Great Taste Award for Yuzu & Lemon. 
2022: MangaJo celebrated its 20th anniversary.


A difference found in Taste and Natural Essence


Picture: Yuzu

MangaJo drinks offer a fabulous source of hydration with a taste that is ten times more delightful than just water. For the sake of health, they contain no additives or preservatives, only the finest fruits from around the world combined with green tea. Each beverage is carefully brewed, meticulously blended, bottled, and chilled.

Why Choose MangaJo ? 


Picture: MangaJo

Here are all the reasons to join the MangaJo Family!

  • 100% natural
  • Green tea/juice with antioxidant properties
  • Consumer consciousness
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • No added sugar
  • Lactose-free and gluten-free
  • Love recycling
  • Innovative range of flavors

Origin of the ingredients  

Ingrédients MangaJo

Picture: Ingredients 

Several ingredients make MangaJo beverages unique:

Green Tea: Cultivated in Sri Lanka and Japan, green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world.
Acai Berry: Directly from the Amazon in Brazil, acai berries contain more antioxidants than other commonly consumed berries.
Goji Berry: Cultivated in Nepal, goji berries are an excellent source of nutrients, particularly rich in vitamins and minerals.
Yuzu: Yuzu juice comes straight from Japan and is packed with antioxidants.


MangaJo Products

Acai Berry & Green Tea

The combination of green tea, blueberries, and Acai provides a boost of vitality! These three ingredients are renowned for their high antioxidant content.
Acai berries are one of the foods richest known sources of fruit antioxidants.

Code : 110130
Packaging : 250mL x 12
Available in: Belgium, France, Switzerland


Jus de raisin et rooibos mangajo

Red Grape & Rooibos

One can understand why South Africans love Rooibos tea. Prepared from Rooibos leaves, it is known to aid digestion and promote good nights sleep. Decaffeinated Rooibos, with its beautiful red color, has a delicious taste.

Code : 110140
Packaging: 250mL x 12
Avaiable in: Belgium, France


Citron et Thé vert Mangajo

Lemon & Green Tea    

For centuries, Asian societies have believed in the healing properties of green tea. Today, its antioxidant virtues excite many people. In addition to purifying the body, green tea also has the power to stimulate the mind. The addition of lemon gives a refreshing touch.

Code: 110150
Packaging: 250mL x 12
Avaiable in: Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland


Baie de goji et Thé vert

Goji Berry & Green Tea

Native to the Himalayas and nicknamed “Happy Berry,” Goji berries have more beta-carotene than a carrot. They are one of the most recognized sources of carotenoids.
Combined with green tea, they will brighten your day!

Code: 110160
Packaging: 250mL x 12
Avaiable in: Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland


Grenade et Thé vert Mangajo

Pomegrenade & Green Tea
Combining age old wisdom from the Middle East and Asia, the Pomegranate & Green Tea beverage brings together two of the world’s best-known sources of antioxidants, offering a refreshing blend. Just like the Chinese apple, pomegranate is rich in flavonoids.

Code: 110170
Packaging: 250mL x 12
Avaiable in: Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland


Yuzu et citron Mangajo

Yuzu & Lemon

Thought all fruits had been discovered? Think again! Yuzu is as small as a golf ball, but its taste combines that of lemon, grapefruit, and lime. Rich in antioxidants. Best of all though, it makes amazing still lemonade.

Code: 202667
Packaging: 250mL x 12
Available in : Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland


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