14 May 2024

Kirin à la carte: Choose your favorite format

Since its foundation in 1885 in Yokohama, Kirin has established itself as one of Japan’s leading beer brands, combining tradition and innovation. In 1990, the brewery revolutionized the production process with its “First Press” method, aimed at extracting only the best from ingredients to deliver a unique taste experience. The result: a light, fragrant beer of incomparable finesse.  

But did you know that Kirin beer comes in a range of formats, suitable for every occasion? 


In a bottle 

Bière Kirin Ichiban

There’s nothing like a bottle of Kirin beer to accompany a meal. Its elegant design and freshness make it the perfect accessory to enhance the flavors of a dish. Whether at a dinner party with friends or a family meal, Kirin beer in a bottle will delight the most demanding palates 


In cans

For an outdoor picnic, Kirin beer in cans is a smart choice. Practical and easy to carry, it lets you enjoy its delicate taste wherever you are. Its compact format also makes it the ideal option for moments of relaxation and conviviality outdoors 


Kirin Beer Ichiban 0.0%

For those who want to enjoy the pleasure of beer without the effects of alcohol, Kirin Beer Ichiban 0.0%  is the ideal solution. Perfect for evenings out with friends or festive events where sobriety is the order of the day, it offers a refreshingly light alternative without compromising on taste. 

On tap for your restaurants

Bière Kirin fut


Finally, for special occasions or for your restaurants, Kirin beer on tap is a quality choice. Its economical format and preserved freshness make it a must-have for those moments with your customers when quality comes first.  


In short, whether bottled, canned, non-alcoholic or keg, Kirin beer will suit any occasion, while offering an incomparable taste experience. With Kirin, every moment becomes a unique sensory experience, where tradition and innovation come together to perfection.  


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