28 March 2024

A new visual identity for our Hanabi brand 

At Foodex, evolution is a constant. We are proud to present the new design of our Hanabi brand, perfectly embodying the aesthetics and balance of contemporary Japanese culture.
reated in 2010, Hanabi is a brand of Japanese food products designed for professionals seeking simplicity and offering the best value for money. Our range includes Japanese grocery products (rice, soy sauce, wasabi, giner …), prepared products (karaage, yakitori…), desserts (mochi, …), drinks and much more.

Here’s a glimpse of the inspiration behind our new logo and what it represents


A pure geometric concept 


Picture: Our new logo Hanabi

Hanabi’s new logo is the result of a carefully crafted geometric concept, capturing the essence of Japanese culture. Its clean lines, geometric shapes and judicious use of empty space reflect the desired harmony and balance. Each element is arranged in a symmetrical and measured manner, echoing traditional symbols while embodying modernity. 


Significant details

Lanterne japonaise
Picture: Japanese lanterns

The color red evokes the passion, energy and vitality associated with Japan. The oval shape recalls Japanese lanterns, with their iconic elongated structure. The vertical arrangement of the logo evokes the distinctive signs of Japanese restaurants, inviting customers to discover an authentic culinary experience. The minimalist typography lends the logo a contemporary legibility, while the subtle details of the letters “N” and “I” recall Japanese characters, adding a touch of authenticity. 

A vibrant signature

Picture: I’m Feeding Good 

Some of our packaging features a play on words between “feel” and “feed”, which perfectly expresses the Hanabi philosophy. By choosing our products, our customers not only nourish their palates with exquisite flavors and exceptional variety, but also their pleasure. Hanabi is much more than just a food brand; it’s an invitation to nourish your soul and spirit while savoring every bite. 


In short, Hanabi’s new logo embodies the very essence of Japanese culture, combining tradition and modernity to offer a unique experience to our customers.
we look forward to continuing to innovate and inspire through our products, while remaining true to our core values; passion, diversity, quality, compliance, listening advice training, innovation and solutions.


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