Rice, a staple of Asian and Japanese cuisine

Riz japonais - Japanese rice

Japanese rice, known as “uruchimai“, is an essential component of Japanese cuisine. Carefully cultivated in the country’s rice paddies, this short and round rice is appreciated for its sticky texture and delicate taste. It is often used to prepare sushi, maki, onigiri and other traditional Japanese dishes. The quality of rice is of crucial importance in Japanese gastronomy, and varieties such as koshihikari are prized for their subtle flavor and ability to absorb seasonings 
Rice transcends its role as a side dish to become the fundamental pillar of many culinary creations, symbolizing the importance of simplicity and perfection in Japanese cuisine. Foodex exclusively offers the Shinjumai brand, a range of carefully selected sushi rice, as well as Japanese rice, basmati rice, brown rice and fragrant rice.



The wide variety of noodles in Japan, including ramen, yakisoba, udon and soba 

Nouilles japonaises udon soba ramen yakisoba

Japanese noodles, a mainstay of Japanese cuisine, come in different varieties, each offering a unique taste experience. Wheat-based ramen are the best-known, often cooked in a hot broth. There is also a stir-fried variant, yakisoba. Soba noodles, made from buckwheat, are often served cold with a dipping sauce or hot in a broth. Udon, thicker noodles made from wheat flour can be enjoyed cold, in hot soups or stir-fried.   

 Japanese noodles reflect the culinary diversity of Japan and demonstrate the art of combining textures and flavors to create dishes that are both delicious and comforting. Foodex offers both dry noodle packages and frozen or ready-to-heat versions.