Tofu, an essential element of Japanese cuisine 


soupe miso tofu

Tofu, a crucial element in Japanese cuisine, is growing in popularity beyond the borders of Asian gastronomy, particularly among vegetarians and vegans.

Made from coagulated soy milk, tofu is rich in plant-based proteins. Soft or firm, marinated, pan-cooked or fried, its diverse textures and flavors allow it to be incorporated into a variety of dishes: diced in miso soups, as a salad accompaniment, in smoothies or cakes…  Serving as a base for a multitude of culinary creations, tofu’s ability to absorb flavors enhances and elevates dishes. Available fresh, at room temperature, or even frozen, tofu is practical to use and easy to store.

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Edamame and Asian vegetables, the ideal accompaniment 


Tofu legumes et alternatives vegetales (3)

Ready to be cooked, our vegetables such as mushrooms, burdock root, lotus, pumpkin, or edamame offer significant advantages in preparing your dishes. Essential in Asian cuisine, they complement both hot and cold dishes, providing a wealth of flavors and a variety of textures. Incorporate them into poke bowls, bento boxes, curries, wok, and more! Frozen, dehydrated, shelled, or pre-cut, these vegetables are easy to prepare and store. Learn more about our vegetable range to enhance your dishes. 


The plant-based alternative in Japanese cuisine   


Tofu legumes et alternatives vegetales (3)

The rise of veganism and flexitarianism reflects a significant shift in consumption habits towards more sustainable food choices without compromising on quality and taste pleasure. Shojin Ryori, originating in Buddhist temples, advocates for a vegetarian diet, making plant-based practices deeply rooted in Japanese cuisine for centuries. Plant-based alternatives offer a variety of textures and flavors, whether in the form of tofu-based vegetable nuggets or fish-free sashimi.

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