Prepared products, (almost) ready-to-use solutions for quick preparation without compromising on quality and authenticity of flavors! 

Gyoza, bao, yakitori skewers and meat, spring rolls, fried delights, salads… These essentials of Japanese and Asian gastronomy, in frozen versions, have been specially designed for professionals seeking time efficiency, profitability, and standardized product quality. Each product has been developed to respect culinary tradition and offer authentic flavors. Some recipes are also available in revisited versions to cater to a wider audience, including halal, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Gyoza, Japanese dumplings with diverse flavors 




Gyoza, stuffed dumplings, is a popular Japanese dish that has gained popularity worldwide. These bite-sized delights can be steamed or fried and are traditionally filled with pork. Whether served as a side dish or appetizer, they are accompanied by soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil, sometimes spiced up with chili oil (rayu). We offer various types of gyoza (chicken, beef, duck, shrimp, vegetables, etc.), some in pre-grilled versions to meet everyone’s needs. A quick solution, ready in just 5 minutes! 

Bao, Asian bites 


Baos are small Chinese-origin bites that have become trendy in recent years. Steamed, baked, or pan-fried, they come in various forms (dim sum, bun bao, gua bao, etc.) and can be filled with chicken, beef, fish, or vegetables. We offer different baos, quick to prepare, for foodservice professionals looking for something new and exotic.  


Yakitori and meats, for quick and convenient cooking 

Yakitori are classic Japanese meat skewers commonly found in both supermarkets and restaurants. Their preparation is often time-consuming and labor-intensive. We therefore offer pre-assembled skewers, some already glazed, which can be microwavable or baked in the oven. To meet the needs of chefs with limited equipment or those seeking quick and easy solutions, in addition to yakitori, we offer a range of meats, including the famous karaage fried chicken (microwavable or oven-cookable), breaded chicken tenders (ideal for sushi rolls or as a side), marinated chashu for ramen, teriyaki chicken, or gyudon beef to add to a bowl of rice for quick donburi. 

Spring rolls and fried delights, comfort food in tapas style 


Spring rolls are not part of traditional Japanese cuisine, but they have gained popularity in Japanese and Asian establishments. Generally consumed as a snack or side dish, they are highly demanded by European customers, but their preparation takes time. We offer frozen spring rolls to provide a tasty option for your customers while saving you time in the kitchen. Other products such as the famous shrimp tempura (ebi fry), octopus takoage, or vegetable tempura (kakiage), samosas, or takoyaki are also available in frozen versions to offer a diverse range of products. 


Japanese salads, the ideal accompaniment 

A Japanese meal consists of several key elements such as rice, soup, protein, and vegetables to provide a balance of flavors! This includes salads, which can be served as a side dish in a bento, a poke bowl, or as a main course. The most famous is the seaweed salad, but there are also other types of salads which can be defrosted for easy, practical use.