Running an establishment requires a minimum of materials, equipment, and packaging. Our solutions provide you with the necessary tools for efficient preparation and packages for a successful takeout service. 


Containers and Practical Accessories for Dine-In and Takeout 

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With lifestyles becoming more diversified in recent years, it is essential to adapt to both customers who dine in and those who choose to take out or have their orders delivered directly. 

Having suitable containers for takeout and for each type of dish is crucial. Depending on your menu, you may need sushi boxes, bowls for miso soup, noodle boxes, bento trays, ramen bowls, packaging for donburi, small bottles of soy sauce with caps, sauce pots, wooden or bamboo chopsticks, and more. 

Now more than ever, ecological aspects need to be considered when choosing containers. At Foodex, we are aware of the evolving legislation regarding packaging and guide you to help select the best solutions. For more information, explore our various packaging options. 


Sushi Equipment, to Prepare Them Like in Japan! 

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Preparing sushi in the proper way requires specific equipment and tools: a rice cooker, a warming device, a bamboo rolling mat, a wooden hangiri bowl, bamboo sheets, and more. 

Learn more about sushi equipment and the necessary tools for crafting sushi. 


Japanese cutlery, for quality cutting

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Japanese knives are products of ancestral know-how to guarantee precise cutting.
Find out more about Japanese knives and how to care for them.