Exploring Japanese cuisine is diving into a world of flavors where sauces and condiments play an essential role. These elements, often low in quantity but powerful in flavor, transform each dish into a tasty experience. 

Whether to enhance a sushi dish, marinate grilled meats, or prepare soups, our high-quality Japanese sauces and condiments are here to meet your culinary needs. With Foodex, your culinary creativity expresses itself, and your customers savor your incredible dishes imbued with the authenticity and richness of Japanese flavors.


Soy sauce, a must-have in Japanese cuisine 


Sauce soja

Soy sauce, also known as “shoyu” in Japan, is a versatile ingredient widely used in Japanese cuisine. It brings flavor and intense umami to dishes. One of the most iconic condiments in Asian gastronomy, it is used in various ways to season, marinate, and enhance a wide variety of culinary preparations. It is ideal for marinades, sushi preparation, seasonings (miso soups, noodle dishes, sauces for vegetables and meat dishes, etc.).

condiments for a perfect balance on your plate


Condiments japonais

Japanese condiments are the finishing touch to a variety of dishes! In addition to soy sauce, mirin, and cooking sake are staple seasonings in Japanese cuisine. Sake adds umami and tenderizes meat while masking fish odors. Mirin, the base of teriyaki sauce, brings subtle sweetness to dishes, a glossy glaze, and umami. 

In addition to these basic products, several condiments play an essential role in preparing authentic dishes! Wasabi and ginger are indispensable in sushi preparation and can be accompanied by miso. Japanese mayonnaise, famous for its creamy texture and deliciously sweet taste, is a must-have for accompanying various dishes like okonomiyaki. Japanese curry, trendy in recent years, can be prepared from blocks or powder. Sesame seeds, whether black or white, offer crunchiness and a roasted flavor to salads, noodles, and stir-fried dishes. All yuzu-based seasonings bring freshness and a Japanese touch, such as yuzu kosho, yuzu juice, yuzu zest, and more. Finally, diverse toppings like furikake or shichimi togarashi provide a variety of textures and flavors to enhance the taste experience of sushi, rice, or noodles. These captivating Japanese condiments reflect the elegance of Japanese cuisine and invite culinary exploration full of surprises. 


Other Japanese sauces for a flavorful cuisine 


Autres sauces et condiments

Japanese sauces, true culinary gems, are an essential pillar of Japanese cuisine, providing depth and complexity of flavors that delight the taste buds. These sauces, whose fame has spread worldwide, reflect a rich and diverse culinary tradition. Each iconic dish is accompanied by its sauce: tonkatsu sauce, yakisoba sauce, okonomiyaki sauce, teriyaki sauce, and more. Each variety of Japanese sauce offers a unique taste experience! Ponzu and yakitori sauces add a touch of acidity and sweetness to dishes, while sesame sauce elevates salads. Whether traditional or modern, these products transcend cultural boundaries, inviting food enthusiasts worldwide to explore and appreciate the magic of Japanese flavors that transform every meal into a memorable culinary experience.


Other Asian sauces and condiments 


Autres sauces et condiments asiatiques

With the development of fusion cuisine and the similarities between Asian cuisines, Asian sauces are practical and useful ingredients to have! Classics include oyster sauce, sweet Thai chili, tamarind, fish sauce (nuoc mam), sriracha, mango, hoisin barbecue, kimchi, and more. Seasoning is essential to easily recreate world flavors on the plate! We offer a range of sauces and condiments for Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai cuisines, and more.