Salty Japanese Snacks       

   Snack saléJapanese appetizers are highly popular both in the country and abroad for their unique and exotic flavors. Whether as a snack, for a Japanese-style aperitif, or to keep your customers satisfied, these traditional snacks adapt to various situations. We offer different packaging options, in 5kg bags or small formats, making them convenient.

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Japanese Mochi

mochi dessert japonais

Mochis are Japanese sweets made from glutinous rice paste. Whether filled with ice cream, red bean, cream, or crafted according to traditional recipes such as dango, sakura mochi, daifuku mochi, or coconut balls, these small bites have captured the palates of Europeans seeking unique taste experiences. At Foodex, we offer various types of mochis for all preferences: glazed mochis, traditional red bean mochis, filled mochis, and more.

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Japanese Ice Creams and Sorbets 


Ice cream has always held a significant place in the dessert category, evoking pleasure, indulgence, and holidays. It is now consumed throughout the year, as a dessert paired with pastries, in cocktails, or even in savory dishes. If you run an Asian or fusion establishment or want to add exoticism to your menu, consider offering black sesame, matcha, or yuzu sorbet!  

For more information on the trend of ice creams in restaurants and the addition of Japanese flavors to meet the new needs of consumers, check our dedicated page. 


Japanese Fusion Desserts 

Europeans, especially the French, love desserts! According to a study, one in five visits to restaurants ends with the consumption of a dessert. Consumers appreciate traditional recipes but also enjoy discovering new flavors. Fusion Japanese desserts are perfect for offering customers classic desserts with an exotic twist.  
Explore our solutions for fusion Japanese desserts such as tiramisu, panna cotta, cheesecake, tartlets, financiers, but with Japanese flavors like yuzu and matcha.